Physical Security Assessments

22254170-cctv-security-camera-smallPhysical security and safety are essential components for the survival of any company.
Palomar conducts assessments for small, medium and large-sized corporations. This necessity is far reaching, because most businesses lack the qualified personnel to undertake effective security reviews. This of course creates a challenging position because of a plethora of legal requirements to provide safe and secure work environments.

Palomar’s Security Assessment process is a review of the site and operations. An analysis will offer recommendations to help mitigate security and safety risks. Clients who receive this report find it both practical and valuable.

These evaluations are proven to discourage and often prevent the following:

  • Workplace Violence
  • Theft of All Types
  • Employee and Customer Litigation
  • Internal/External Vandalism
  • Dangerous Conditions/Premises

Palomar’s security experts are experienced in crafting cost-effective strategies and protocols. Likewise, mitigations may also result in financial savings in liability and worker’s compensation insurance premiums for business owners.

An enormous side benefit is that the proper securing of the premises has been proven to raise company morale. Such positive changes, frequently demonstrate greater dedication and loyalty.

It is important to note that Palomar’s experts are not beholden to any alarm or guard companies. Team members are independent and objective. Prudent and reasonable assessments can help to protect against unforeseen events. As business managers know, most negative incidents cannot be reversed.

An initial consultation by Palomar is always free of charge.