Pre-Employment Screening


Palomar’s pre-employment screening provides employers with much of the essential information needed when determining if someone is fit for hiring. These screenings vary in terms of levels. With that said, it’s highly important to work with a licensed and experienced agency such as Palomar in defining an appropriate level of research.

The scope of a check should be driven by the job, duties, and other factors. Potential applicants for an executive accounting or information technology role usually require a more rigorous pre-employment screening than that of an employee with far less responsibility.

Research has revealed that one’s past behavior can be indicative of their future conduct. There certainly are exceptions, but pre-employment screenings empower a company to make informed choices.

Other items to consider:

  • Select a state-licensed agency whose staff understands and abides by the rules
  • The internet is abundant with thousands of providers, but upon closer inspection, many are neither licensed, nor qualified, nor insured
  • Have a good grasp of relevant federal and state laws
  • An employment attorney should review all hiring (and termination) documents

In the best interest of a business, it’s important to note that applicants with problematic backgrounds often actively seek-out employers who do not utilize background investigators. Also aligned with this business philosophy is to never accept a resume in lieu of a completed employment application. Resumes are a preliminary indicator of one’s (alleged) qualifications, but it is the pre-employment screening which validates the information.